Our Community FAQ

Tallgrass HOA located in SE Aurora, Colorado and is proudly managed by AMI www.amihoa.com.

Q: What is the assessment rate for 2024:
A: The payments can be made online or should be sent directly to the bank. Make sure the address and account number is displayed on the check. $800.00 PER YEAR ($400 JAN AND $400 JULY) Make it out to Tallgrass HOA and mail to :

Tallgrass HOA
c/o AMI
P.O. Box 66095
Phoenix, AZ 85082-6095

Q: When are the meetings held?
A: February, May, August and the annual meeting is held in November. Please contact AMI to confirm dates, location and times. 

Q: When is trash pick up?
A: Tuesday - (Trash and Recycle bins are available through Republic Services at 303-286-1200.)

Q: Can I sign up for Auto Pay? 
A: Yes, form is LINKED ABOVE. You may also set up your own auto pay through bank or credit card if you access the secure site. If you use bill pay through your bank, be sure your name and account number are clearly noted. 

Q: Maintenance Fees Cover?
A: Professional management, landscape maintenance (common areas only), trash removal, snow removal (perimeter sidewalks, park sidewalks, loop lanes), common area lighting, fence maintenance (common areas only), playground maintenance, park maintenance, Common area water and electric. 

Q: If I am interested in serving on the Board or a Committee who do I contact?
A: Email clientcare@amihoa.com and describe your interests. 

Q: Do I need to submit an application to make landscape improvements, replacing trees, painting my home, etc?
A: Yes. Application can be submitted through the online portal (so you can track its progress) or you can also email it to us. Form is linked here.

Q: What do I do if I get a violation letter?
A: Respond in writing (email ok) with plans to resolve the violation, ask questions or request more time to comply. The Board understands you may not have known this was an issue so the first letter is always a warning to advise and inform.